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TD3619C Vector Network Analyzer

2 Port /4 Port

 TD3619C is a 100kHz-8.5GHz high performance Vector Network Analyzer. It is the biggest characteristic can provide 4 Port Test Mode, thereby greatly improving the device of measuring speed and efficiency. Mainly used in wireless communications, radio and television, education, scientific research, automotive electronics, semiconductor and medical device fields. The amplifier, coaxial cables, splitters, combiners, antenna, couplers, filters, isolator, branch distributor, crystal, surface acoustic devices such as RF amplitude-frequency characteristics, reflection properties, phase characteristics, delay characteristic in all aspects of measurement.

Functional Feature:

 ★ Instrument user interface: Chinese or English to meet the needs of different   users.

★   2/4 port test: It can test multi-port devices and balanced/unbalanced devices, greatly improving the test efficiency.

★   Windows 7 operation interface: 10.4-inch TFT color LCD display, touch screen, clear display, simple and quick operation.

★   100 plurality independent measurement channels: may be measured at 100 different excitation conditions. 

★    Fast measurement speed: 3ms (201 points, calibration off, IFBW: 500KHz)

★   With storage / recall function, it is convenient for users to save the measurement results on the hard disk or U disk.

★   Data format: logarithm, phase, group delay, Smith chart, polar coordinate, linear, SWR, real part, imaginary part, extended phase, positive phase, etc.

★   Powerful analysis function       

      ◆ Limit test: With limit test, fluctuation limit test, bandwidth limit test and other test functions, it is convenient for users to judge whether the product is qualified or unqualified, thereby greatly improving the test efficiency.

      ◆ Frequency mark: 9 frequency marks can be displayed at the same time. The frequency markers on different curves can be operated independently.

      ◆ Frequency mark search function: max value, min value, peak value, automatic frequency mark tracking, bandwidth search, concave peak search, etc.

★   Unique calibration method

      ◆ Up to full 4- port SOLT calibration: SOLT calibration of 4 test ports is provided.

      ◆ Enhanced response calibration: It can eliminate directivity, crosstalk, source matching, reflection tracking, transmission tracking errors, and improve measurement accuracy.

      ◆ Port expansion: In some cases, users cannot perform calibration on the test end face. Port expansion can satisfy the user to compensate the phase shift or delay between the test end face and the DUT, and improve the test accuracy.

      ◆ TRL calibration: provide accurate measurement for non-coaxial devices.

      ◆ Power meter calibration: It has the function of calibrating the power level output with the power meter.  

★   Numerous external interfaces: USB, LAN, RS232, keyboard PS/2 interface, mouse PS/2 interface, external VGA display interface, GPIB interface (optional).

★   Easy to form an automated test system

      ◆Open Windows XP operating system, you can use macro instructions for VBA programming. 6 USB interfaces, standard LAN interface and GPIB interface (optional).

      ◆GPIB, LAN interface, convenient for users to form an automatic test system.

      ◆LAN interface, convenient for users to connect to local area network, wireless network card, so as to facilitate remote data transmission.

Main Specification :

Frequency Range:


Frequency resolution:


Frequency accuracy:

±5ppm (23℃±5℃)

Output level range:


Level resolution:


Level accuracy:

±0.65dB (50MHz, 0dBm time)

±1.0dB (relative to 50MHz, at 0dBm)

Level linearity:



<-20dBc (+5dBm typical value)


<-30dBc (+5dBm typical value)

Input level:


Input damage level:


±35VDC (typical value)

System impedance:


Test port connector:

N type, female, 2 or 4 ports

System dynamic range:

118dB (intermediate frequency bandwidth 10Hz)


1MHz~10MHz 46dB

10MHz~3GHz 43dB

3GHz~6GHz 37dB

6GHz~8.5GHz 35dB

IF bandwidth:

10Hz ~500kHz

Scan point:

2 ~ 1601

Power supply:

AC 150V~230V/50~60Hz; max power: 350VA

Instrument size:



About 20.0kg

TD3619C Option Table:

Option number: 245

100kHz~4.5GHz 2 ports

Option number: 265

100kHz~6.5GHz 2 ports

Option number: 285

100kHz~8.5GHz 2 ports

Option number: 445

100kHz~4.5GHz 4 ports

Option number: 465

100kHz~6.5GHz 4 ports

Option number: 485

100kHz~8.5GHz 4 ports

Option number: TDR

TDR function software

Option number: 1E10

GP-IB card

Option number: 2E4J

N-50J calibration kit (open circuit, short circuit, load, adapter)

Option number: 2E4K

N-50K calibration parts (opener, short-circuiter, load, adapter)

Option number: 2E7J

SMA-50J type calibration kit (opener, short circuit, load, adapter)

Option number: 2E7K

SMA-50K calibration kit (opener, short circuiter, load, adapter)





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