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SLP 2300 Series Dual Channel DC Power Supply

Model: SLP2305

SLP2300 series DC power supplies are dual outputs with adjustable output voltage and current, High precision, low ripple, linear power supplies with constant voltage or constant current (CV, CC) controls. The SLP2300 DC power supplies have 3 digits four LED displays of voltage and current. Can be optionally equipped with 5V and 3A output fixed output. The two adjustable channels can be used as independently isolated, serial or parallel. Also, one channel can be the master of the
other channel. The output voltage is the summation of the two channels when the power supply is used in serial mode, and the output current is the summation of the two channels when it is used in parallel mode.

Delivery Time: 8 to 12 Weeks


SMP*C Multi-Channel Output Regulated DC Power Supply

The SMP*C series is switching mode DC power supply is a multi – channel output DC power supply with multi-channel independently adjustable outputs, each channel has a maximum output power of 600W for continuous working. This series regulated DC power supply is suitable for many industrial applications such as aging and testing, it is the first choice for production lines, laboratories and universities

Delivery Time: 8 to 12 Weeks


SMP4C Four–Way Output Switching Mode DC Power Supply

Model: SMP4C3210

SMP4C switching mode DC power supply is a four channel output power supply with Max. 320W DC output for each channel, and total output power to 1280W, four-channel outputs could be externally connected in series to give higher output voltage to 128V, output voltage & current of each channel are both adjustable, it is featured for good CV/CC output precision, low ripple and high efficiency.

Delivery Time: 8 to 12 Weeks



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