RF switch box


RFSW200 RF switch box system is introduced. In the current industry, when testing multi-port components, manual plugging and unplugging of loads or RF coaxial cables are used, which takes a lot of time. RFSW200 is a multi-port component that requires interactive measurement between any two ports. For example, base station antennas, base station filters, cable TV distributors, network transformers , etc. test equipment for multi-port components have successfully established the following key technologies by overcoming various technical difficulties, RFSW200. 

  • Technology to reduce the number of calibrations: In the multi-port component test, if any two ports need to be calibrated, the number of dual-port calibrations is very large, such as a 12-port base station antenna, if any two ports need to be calibrated, a total of 66 dual-port calibrations are required , And Melgen electronic technology only needs to do 6 dual-port calibrations to measure the S-parameter between any two ports. Using this technology, the measured data is compared with the measured value of the network component. The error is about 0.1dB. This technology Realize the dream of multi-port automatic measurement.
  • Long-term measurement stability after calibration: Many multi-port devices from manufacturers in the industry have problems with the measurement curve drifting shortly after calibration, and the 12-hour graphics measured by RFSW200 are still consistent , meeting the demand for stable testing time in the factory.
  • The untested port load requires a return loss of more than 30dB: RFSW200 provides a complete correction calculation technology for non-30dB return loss loads, which perfectly solves this measurement problem.

Other features of RFSW200 are as follows

  • Up to 4 groups are provided at the same time, so that all ports can be used completely without surplus
  • Only use the two-port network to divide, provide differential parameter measurement, such as Sdc21, Sdd12, Scc11… and other common mode differential mode parameters, for example, it can quickly measure all the parameters of 64 ports network transformer
  • Provide a control interface integrated with automation equipment
  • The operating software can arbitrarily select the number of ports to be tested.


Production mode: can test multiple single-port or two-port DUTs

  • For mobile phone antenna measurement, the user can arbitrarily combine the number of antennas in a group to display all port measurement graphs under one screen.
  • It can be combined with the measurement tool, it will automatically rise when PASS, and the tool will be locked when FAIL. At the same time, all antenna measurement data in the group are output together, providing very convenient and stable operation.
  • Provide various clock specifications, such as reference antenna double cross point, double cross point extreme value, specification line … etc., adding virtual matching function and Smith chart to meet the testing needs of various products.
  • Customized data output to meet different customer needs.
  • It has been widely adopted by Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei …etc.

Research and development mode: It can expand a nearly complete function of one network to 8 completely independent use of the network , providing correction modes for all network points, such as TOSL (thru, open, short, load), TRL (thru, reflect, line)…. etc., and all types of calibrators, very suitable for R&D units and schools